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“On Gun Control”

2004 vacation 095(Note: This post will not sit well with many of my closest friends whom I dearly love but, just as we have the right to bear arms, we also have the right to share our opinions.)

“A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”  -Second Amendment-

“Guns don’t kill, people, people kill people”. While acknowledging the truth of that statement let us please consider the following…

Cars were created to transport people or cargo from one place to another. When misused they can be dangerous.

Alcoholic beverages exist to augment or accent a culinary experience. When misused it can be disastrous.

Guns were created to destroy a target. Whether that target is a piece of paper, a block of wood, a metal sign, a deer or a human being, guns launch projectiles with the sole purpose of causing destruction. The design of the first firearm was intended to provide superiority over the hand held weapons being used at that time.

With that said, the use of weapons by responsible, law-abiding citizens for recreation is relatively harmless. But even in recreation the objective is to destroy something even if it is a harmless clay pigeon. The notion that guns are no more dangerous than cars, alcohol or knives, in my mind does not stand up.

The argument that countries with strict gun control laws see an increase in knife attacks, as a reason to dismiss gun control is so ridiculous that it is laughable. Not that it isn’t true, no doubt it is but it is no stretch to consider that a significant number of those knife attacks would have been shootings had there been more access to guns. After the recent shooting of students at Umpqua Community College one advocate suggested arming all students. That is nothing more than a massacre waiting to happen.

If faced by someone standing 25 yards away intent on doing me bodily harm I would prefer he had a knife rather than a gun.

I would also like for gun rights advocates to acknowledge that the initial intent of the Second Amendment was to equip a “well regulated militia” for the purpose of community security particularly in the absence of any organized law enforcement. It also took into account the fact that a nation’s own government could be a malevolent enemy as was and in some cases still is the case with tyrannical monarchs and / or dictators.

Our founding fathers were unusually visionary but I wonder if they could have foreseen automatic assault rifles. The Gatling gun was still 70 years away from being invented.

I don’t begrudge responsible citizens exercising their constitutional right to bear arms but the rationalization that guns are not any more dangerous than many common household items is ridiculous and potentially reckless.

(For statistics on guns being used for homicides, suicides and unintentional shootings click here.)