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“How My Diversity Was Revealed”

2004 vacation 095The discovery of my eclecticism was a pinnacle of self-realization. Two diversely opposite cultural genres collided at the junction of a shared a family tie that very few would notice without a broad reaching association with two distinct worlds.

As a sports fan it is reasonable for me to be familiar with the fiery diatribes of the vociferous sports commentator, Skip Bayless. Since I am a Seattle resident, Skip’s interview of Seahawks cornerback, Richard Sherman had a distinct impression on me. Normally unflappable, Sherman was goaded into rendering prickly responses to Bayless’ abrasive interrogation.

As a Food Network enthusiast and aficionado of Mexican cuisine it follows that I would be familiar with the television show “Mexico: One Plate At A Time” hosted by the soft-spoken and even-tempered, Rick Bayless.

While not a common surname, neither is Bayless an unusual name. I enjoy both of these celebrities but I never considered the possibility that there might be a family connection and therefore I never bothered to investigate. It was during a random Google search following up on one of chef Rick’s television episodes that I discovered, in fact, that these two are actually brothers.

Chef Rick on the left with sports journalist, Skip.
Chef Rick on the left with sports journalist brother, Skip.

Granted, my discovery of Rick’s and Skip’s fraternal relationship was serendipitous but had I not been aware of the elder Skip in his capacity as a sports journalist, I would not have taken note when his name appeared during my research into Rick’s culinary pursuits.

One is an accomplished sports journalist, the other a nationally recognized chef and author. I can only imagine how enjoyable it would be to share a meal together at a sports bar with these two luminaries.

Thanks to the Bayless brothers, my standing as a renaissance man is set! Rick and Skip, if you’re ever in the Seattle area together, lunch is on me.

See Skip in action

See Rick in action