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“Life With Attention Deficit Disorder”


*If you are able to read and follow this post you may want to be evaluated for Attention Deficit Disorder.

I have lived with ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder) my entire life but it went undiagnosed when I was a child because the focus at that time was on kids with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) referred to then as “Hyperactivity”.

Speaking of hyperactivity, I always loved the part in Star Wars when they jump to hyperspace. I wondered how they did that without hitting any of the asteroids just like in Disneyland’s Star Tours when you break through the ice asteroid. I think I’d like some ice cream.

Anyway, as a student with ADD I never got into trouble for acting out in class as so frequently happened to students afflicted with “hyperactivity” but my parents did receive annual phone calls from my teachers with a recurring message: “Steve is bright and intelligent but he doesn’t apply himself”. These phone calls were followed by a very long discussion about buckling down on my schoolwork.

Have you ever seen the buckles on the belts that champion boxers wear? They are huge. It’s funny to me that boxers wear boxers.  Remember when they put buckles on shoes? I don’t see those very often any more. Did I remember to put the lawn mower away?

Anyway, after those discussions my parents would give me tips such as, “if you’re not sure about something ask questions”. The problem was I didn’t know what questions to ask. At the end of the school day my mind’s focus was on playing baseball when I got home. Since I wasn’t thinking about homework it never occurred to me to ask about it. If I didn’t understand a particular subject I basically felt confused and then my mind would drift to the beach.

There isn’t much driftwood on the beaches in California. I see a lot more of it in Washington. There is a great live theater in Edmonds, WA called “The Driftwood Playhouse”. I wonder if they ever perform plays about Washington or even Lincoln.

Lincoln Continentals are really good cars but most people would rather spend money on European luxury cars. Europe is a continent from where we get the concept of the continental breakfast. I really prefer a hot breakfast but continental breakfasts fit the bill when they include cereal. Lucky Charms is one of my favorite cereals; which is cool because I am of Irish decent and Lucky Charms uses a leprechaun for their logo. Ireland is part of the European continent.


Anyway, following my annual admonishment from my parents to “buckle down and pay closer attention” I would sit in the classroom and stare at the chalkboard urging myself to concentrate, concentrate, CONCENTRATE! As words or numbers would dance across the chalkboard I would diligently focus on translating the symbols and images into functional thoughts until new mind pictures of baseballs, boats and beaches invaded my thoughts while the teacher droned on sounding like Charlie Brown’s teacher.


I need to go to the store, I think.

*One might consider this an insensitive missive but it isn’t when written by one who is so afflicted.