Month: August 2015

“Forest and Trees”

2004 vacation 095 - Version 2

Science helps us to see, recognize and identify the trees.


Faith and spirituality help us appreciate the beauty, grandeur and majesty of the forest.



“Happy Birthday”

2004 vacation 095 - Version 235 years ago today I surrendered to Jesus Christ. I didn’t even know that we were at odds. Its not about politics, it’s not about being conservative or liberal. It’s not about gay rights or gun control. It’s not about immigration or border definition. It’s about recognizing that a perfect God loves and desires relationship with imperfect man of which I am the most imperfect. It’s not about joining a church or a denomination; it’s not about aligning with a certain belief system, it’s about knowing that I am a selfish person who desires the best for myself and that I am passionately loved by a God who would rather suffer Himself than see me or anyone else suffer. Thank you Jesus for loving me when I didn’t love you. Thank you for giving me hope and destiny when I was certain that I had no hope.

You are not a religion or a religious figurehead; you are what God looks like when He puts on humanity for clothing. Holy Spirit of God, help me to love unconditionally as you do. Help me to love others as much or more than I love myself. Help me to love God with all of my heart, mind, soul and strength. Help me to treat others as I want to be treated by them even if I don’t agree with them or they don’t agree with me.


No one has to agree with me or disagree with me. Jesus delivered me from drug addiction. He freed me from fear of the future and self-doubt. He gave me hope and a destiny. No one can take that away from me. He didn’t call me to a congregation or a denomination; He didn’t even call me to a religion… He called me to love Him because He loved me first. He didn’t call me to behave; He called me to love Him and those whom He loves – who are everybody. He didn’t call me to change my culture or nation or society. He called me to love everybody.

Jesus. you can heal ALL wounds! You can fix ALL relationships if we will simply love the Lord our God with all of our heart, mind, soul and strength and love our neighbors as much as we love ourselves. Treat others the way we want to be treated. If I want to be treated with respect and dignity by those who disagree with me then I must treat those with whom I disagree with respect and dignity.


I choose to extend love and grace and leave judgment to God!


“Forever Hope”

2004 vacation 095 - Version 2Marriage –

No matter what happens as the years go by and you have a spouse who loves you; when your looks fail and your energy and strength diminish, there is someone special who will love you and whom you can love no matter what. How awesome is that! Thank you my precious for being the best wife a man could ever dream of!

“Hell; The Anti-Eden”

2004 vacation 095 - Version 2Biblical descriptions of Hell include a lake of fire, outer darkness, weeping and gnashing of teeth, Gehenna and Hades among others, none of which offer much appeal.

While Hell is largely considered to be a dungeon created to torment and punish unbelievers it is actually an accommodation for those who want nothing to do with God. It is not God who makes Hell the frightening dystopia we understand it to be. The cause of it’s hellishness is the absence of any essence of God. I would suggest that it is a place created in neutrality by God but, absent of God’s influence became a place where man’s imperfect and selfish nature reigns sovereignly.

There are Biblical prophecies that are not part of any grand design but are illustrations founded on a divine foreknowledge of what happens when man’s freewill runs amok. Imagine a society devoid of any semblance of God. (John Lennon’s song notwithstanding)

Hell, as described in the Bible, awaits any soul choosing not to enter into a relationship with God through Jesus Christ. Since Heaven is a place where the physical presence of God is manifest in the omnipresence of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, why would anyone who does not want to live with God on earth have any desire to live with Him in a heavenly city where His presence is constant?

Hell is devoid of any evidence of God’s existence and so, once inhabited by fallible, imperfect people the social trajectory is predictable; unbridled selfishness.

To summarize, Hell is a place with which God has little or nothing to do. He created Eden as a paradise to be shared by Him and His beloved human creation. He created Hell as a place for people who do not welcome fellowship with God. Consider it the Anti-Eden.


2004 vacation 095 - Version 2

Can east meet west?

Can right meet wrong?

Can love meet hate?

Can light meet dark?

Can wet meet dry?

Can holiness meet debauchery?

Can life meet death?

Can eternity meet now?

Can right meet left?

Can cold meet hot?

Can yes meet no?

Does yin meet yang?

Can right meet left?

Can sky meet earth?

Can right meet might?

Can comfort meet pain?

Can friends meet enemies?

Can earth meet heaven?

Can injury meet healing?

Can peace meet war?

Can judgment meet mercy?

Can heaven meet hell?

Can people get along?